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Frontline Phonics
#1 Rated Phonics Program

#1 rated phonics program for children

Teach Your Child to Read at Home

Frontline Phonics is an easy-to-use, phonics-based reading program for children ages 3-7. With Frontline Phonics Complete, you’ll see your child reading successfully in a few months - we guarantee it!

How does Frontline Phonics work?

In each lesson you’ll introduce a letter or sound and practice writing and sounding it out. After teaching five letters you’ll begin blending letters to form words. After eight letters, your child will begin with simple readers to practice the letters and sounds you have taught.

With multi-sensory teaching that includes songs, stories, and writing practice, you’ll have fun together as your child gains important reading skills.

Teach your child to read with Frontline Phonics!


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